Pumpkin In The Storm – Part 4

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One leading pastor shared a dream in which he was walking towards his church when he realized the huge cross from inside had been moved outside into the street. He’d not given permission for this to happen. When he entered the church there was a man setting out seats for a service. The pastor asked who gave him permission. The man said it was getting late and dark and the gospel still needed to be preached to many people. The pastor went to the front of the church where the entire congregation had gathered. They had no arms, bodies or legs. They were just heads resting on the floor. To his dismay he realized some needed their hair brushed and others needed shaved. He quickly brushed their hair and started to shave some with a broken piece of glass. He then realized he’d left some loaves of bread cooking in an oven and had forgotten them. He rushed off afraid the bread might have over run the tins and become misshapen. He knew misshapen bread could not be sold for a good price. At this point he woke up agitated and frustrated.

My interpretation was along the lines he was perhaps more concerned with control and image as opposed to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. I believed Jesus wanted the gospel of the cross to get out of the church into the highways and byways. The man setting up the seats represented the urgency of the situation. Jesus said, Night comes when no man can work. The pastor was being shown he had not properly prepared the saints for the work of evangelism. They had no arms or legs. No strength or ability to walk the gospel out properly. His ministry was merely to their heads. It was all about looking good and having head knowledge. The broken piece of glass used in shaving possibly represented sharp words he used to keep the heads in line. The properly cooked bread represented nicely prepared sermons. He got the point.

His other dreams indicated he should forget all about image making Christianity and instead get his hands dirty and go to the mountains. He confessed that for over twenty years God had been telling him to take the Gospel to the mountains but the task just seemed so difficult. He told of an incident some years previously. He was in a bad car accident. His jaw and face were torn open. He still has the scars. As he lay bleeding and dying he thought about his disobedience as regards the mountains. He asked God for another chance. He said, If you let me live I’ll bring the Gospel to the mountains. God let him live but he still hadn’t brought the good news to the mountains


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  1. Hi Brendan, I am Stacy King. I am part of Pastor Ivan Fox’s ministry. When you and your beautiful bride visited us last you had said there was a place to email dreams for interpretation. May I have that email address please?? Many thanks and blessings to you both

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