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The Man with the Inkhorn

Posted by Brendan on October 23, 2014

Why I Thank Frank!

  The sudden chill in the morning air, misty cobwebs, falling leaves and I’m again reminded of Frank Darcy and Derry City for that’s what it was like over forty years ago when I alighted the Belfast train and wandered across the Foyle Bride in search of education.  October 1973. Then I was a guinea …Read On

Posted by Brendan on August 12, 2014

Jesus Is Lord Of India!

Mariamma mentioned a couple from her sister’s church in Karnataka. She said, They were very rich Hindus, totally devoted to their gods. In India there are 300,000,000 gods and goddesses. This couple had thirteen special deities. They travelled long distances to worship and offer sacrifices at temples dedicated to these particular gods. Iyyappa was a …Read On

Posted by Brendan on July 22, 2014

Pumpkin In The Storm – Part 10

Heading home from that first trip to the Philippines somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam a pretty air hostess handed me a newspaper.  The headline, Lame Duck Pardons Turkey, caught my eye.   The byline said, In the midst of the worst financial storm in over twenty years a turkey called Pumpkin is pardoned by a …Read On

Posted by Brendan on July 22, 2014

Pumpkin in The Storm – Part 9

I often think about the issue of giving and receiving and the Kingdom of God. Jesus shocked his Jewish hearers by saying, In as much as you have done it unto one of these the least of my brothers you have done it unto me. The Jews were not shocked because Jesus said giving to …Read On

Posted by Brendan on July 16, 2014

Pumpkin In The Storm – Part 8

  During our first Philippines trip I mentioned my pumpkin in the storm incident to Randy and Garry. At the same time we also received an email from a Canadian prophetess who said she felt witchcraft was being sent against our mission. Randy notified the intercessors. One afternoon I felt a sudden nudge to open …Read On