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Large Irish Family

Angela McCauley is married to Brendan and is the mother of their fourteen children who were recently recognized and nominated for the Best Voluntary Contribution to international development by the Northern Ireland’s All Party Group at Parliament Buildings, Belfast.


4th Stage Colon Cancer

Times were bad for Angela. She couldn’t hide things any longer. She’d have to admit the awful truth to her husband. She writes, For three years I’d been bleeding from my back passage. Hadn’t told Brendan. Hadn’t told anyone. Hoped it’d go away. Wouldn’t even think the word Cancer. I know God heals. I also know most people are healed in praying for themselves. I’ve seen countless healings over the years. But time was passing and I wasn’t getting any better.


Faith In Jesus Christ

Brendan is a prophet. Angela is a prayer warrior and healer. They and their family believe in Jesus Christ. They know that Jesus by his death on the cross destroyed the works of the Devil. Yet even though Angela believed all the healing verses from the Bible and had prayed successfully for others to be healed now it all seemed far too much for her.


My Family’s Love?

Angela became depressed and fearful. She said, I was feeling more and more discouraged. Our children all excelled at school. All passed the 11 plus exam. All won places in grammar schools. The Belfast Telegraph ran a front-page story to highlight their achievement. They’d gone to the best universities – Oxford, Cambridge, LSE London, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Trinity, Queens and the University of Ulster. But I was feeling neglected. I was maintaining our home and praying for my family but it felt like an endless and thankless task. Brendan was getting on with his own work, preaching, praying, prophesying, dreaming, writing and travelling. He’s been to over sixty nations and although I’ve been to a couple of dozen of nations with him I still felt like I was going nowhere. It seemed my family were doing their own thing and I was left behind. I was losing perspective. My bleeding started around this time.


Questions, Questions, Questions!

After her diagnosis Angela had many questions. She said, By now our extended family all knew I’d cancer. They were anxious to know whether it’d spread or not. Everyone wondered what the future might hold. Would I live to celebrate my 60th birthday and my 40th wedding anniversary in the coming year? Would I live to see my children’s children as God had promised me? Would I live to see all my children graduate from university? See all my beautiful girls married? Hold their lovely babies in my arms?


God Won’t Let Us Down!

Brendan wasn’t anxious. He said, God won’t let us down and he was right. Staying Alive! is a heart warming, honest and down to earth account of how God mobilized the Body of Christ to come to Angela’s rescue. A real page-turner. It’s also a poetic, prophetic and romantic book that chronicles God’s grace to a loving family who knew how to dream, pray and prophecy. A great inspiration and encouragement to anyone facing sickness. God still heals.



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